October 15 - 20, 2015

Note: As you read this log, you'll see this symbol scattered throughout: (w). Those symbols are links to Wikipedia articles giving more in depth information about places we went and things we saw, for those who are interested.

How It Happened

One day, we got a letter in the mail offering us a Great Deal - six days and five nights at a Westin resort on Maui (w) , plus a rental car, for just $819. That works out to about $164 per night, which is somewhat more than we usually spend for lodging (we're cheap), but substantially less than rooms usually go for at a resort of that caliber.

Of course, I was suspicious. I figured that we were probably going to have to attend a timeshare sales presentation in order to collect on the deal. But I called, and was assured that no, we would not be required to attend any sales presentation. But note that word, "required." More on that later.

We've been to Hawaii twice before. For our honeymoon, we spent a couple of days on Oahu, and a few more on Kauai. Then in 2005, we spent ten days on Kauai. But we'd never been to Maui, and always wanted to go. So we decided to accept the offer, and to take the trip to conincide with Terry's birthday.

In the trip log I wrote for our 2005 Hawaii trip, I included quite a bit of general information about Hawaii, so I won't repeat that here. If you're interested you can read that log here. Otherwise, click here to start reading this trip log.